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                                                                           Boo-Boo's new leg window shops in Greece.....             

On Writing and illustrating my first children's book:

Each day I look at a tiny pin I purchased at a home jewelry party I attended during college as a mom. A small bronze book with the words, "Once upon a time" lacquered onto it. It reminds me of a goal I promised myself I would fulfill one day. Now that goal has been completed. "Boo-Boo's New Leg: A True Story of Illness, Acceptance and Healing" has been a challenge and a gift. I hope it will inspire and teach. Heck, I hope it makes you laugh a little bit too!


I encourage anyone thinking about publishing their work to tell others about your plan. I owe this moment to many friends and family members who pushed me through each moment I felt stuck. Writing and art are forms of expression which should never be left to one pair of eyes only. If you were given a gift, use it and spread it. We will undoubtedly all have moments of fear and self doubt but if we let them stop us, lock us up from creating, others will never have the privilege to see our inner light.